Would You Rather?

Last night I went over to my friend’s house to watch a movie and hangout. I was feeling a horror kind of movie so we ended up picking a movie called “Would You Rather?” The beginning of the movie was slow and I was starting to second guess my choice of movie but then stuff started to get intense. Basically all these people applied for a job and the boss invited them over to play a game of would you rather and whoever won the game got the job. This wasn’t just any game of would you rather though. It was crazy let me tell you. People were getting stabbed and killed and shocked. It wasn’t good. Well the movie was good and very cringing if I may add, but the the situation they were in was not good. I don’t want to spoil the whole movie but one of the choices was would you rather stab (a person’s name) with an ice pick in the leg, or would you rather whip (a person’s name) in the back three times with an African whip. It was insanely cringing to watch but it’s one of those movies that you can’t stop watching, you just have to see what’s going to happen and how it’s going to end. If you guys think the movie sounds interesting then it’s on Netflix and you should check it out and let me know what you think. In my last post I asked you guys for Netflix movie suggestions but none of you gave me any, so that wasn’t very helpful lol. I’m asking you guys now though again, 

Please give me Netflix movie suggestions in the comments, I would love to hear what you guys like, thanks!

School + Netflix Suggestions?

I miss school guys, and I know that when it eventually comes around it’s going to be sad because it is my last year of high school. I know I will have so much fun when I go off to college and start a new journey of my life but I still don’t want to leave. I picked up so many hours though life guarding this summer so far so I’ve kept busy with that and hanging out with my friends. Also Netflix, I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix on my lazy days haha. I finished Gilmore Girls a couple months ago which I really enjoyed and now I’m in to One Tree Hill. I’m waiting for the second season of Stranger Things to come out which seems like it’s taking forever. I’ve watched a lot of TV shows on Netflix but I’d really like to watch more movies. If you guys have any suggestions on movies to watch on Netflix then let me know it the comments! Have a wonderful day!


What are good movies to watch on Netflix? Let me know in the comments! Thanks!

Thunder Woman Park

Sunday afternoon my friend Hannah and I again went hiking. I had seen pictures of this park on a friend’s Snap-chat story and it looked cool so obviously I had to check it out. After I ate lunch at my grandma’s for Father’s Day I went home, packed my bag which included a bottled water, a jacket because it was a little chilly that day, a pocket knife just in case, sunscreen, chap-stick, and of course my camera, then Hannah picked me up and we were on our way. The GPS took us to a spot that was not even close to where we wanted to be but we ended up finding a place to park. We started walking on this gravel path until we came across a grass path to the right of us that we decided to go down. Just a little ways into the path there was this old abandoned truck that had been taken over by the plants growing all around it. We continued on this path and it ended up taking us no where but it was still very beautiful. My friend said she felt like she had just entered Narnia haha. It was very enchanting. Anyways we turned around then and kept walking on the gravel path. We came to a stop at this lake that was very beautiful, it was almost like a blue color and it was so pure looking. I wanted to swim but I couldn’t because there was a “No Swimming” sign right beside the lake. The reason we came to Thunder Woman Park was to see this amazing old suspension bridge. I realized that it wasn’t over here on this side of the park so we went back to the car and kept driving. Eventually we found it and I was so excited! I got out of the car and climbed the steep steps to get on the bridge. It was scary, but a good thrill kind of scary, when I walked across it. I was kind of disappointed though that the bridge lead to nothing but it was still amazing to see. I wish I could know what that bridge lead to back in the day but for now it just leads to a dirt path to no where. After this we walked back across the bridge, got in the car and went home. I had a lot of fun exploring as I always do and this summer is going to be filled with even more adventures. Thank you guys for reading and pictures will be down below!

Have you guys ever been on a suspension bridge? What was it like?




The abandoned truck.


My signature pose.



The beautiful lake.


The swinging suspension bridge!





Where the bridge lead to.


(Photos shot with Iphone 7)

Sac And Fox Overlook

Thursday morning my friend Hannah and I went to the Sac and Fox Overlook in a little town called Steamboat Rock. Now I’ve been hiking before in Steamboat and around there and I have to say that it’s my favorite place to go if I want a good hike. When we get there I took in the beautiful view of a swampy pond, the trees, and a bridge in the distance. We started on our hike and walked past the swamp, over a stream, and then climbed up a really big hill. May I add it was also very sunny and hot so I was dying by the time I got to the top haha. Also throughout the hike we saw a bunch of these signs telling you you couldn’t ride your horse through here, so we used those to keep us on track so we knew we were going the right way. In the middle of our walk we just stopped and looked around and listened to all the beautiful things around us. The different kinds of birds, the water nearby, and the wind blowing on my ears. I love nature because it’s where my soul feels at home. I could go on but I’ll save that for a different day. I have pictures from the hike down below, enjoy!


One of the hills we climbed

The sign that kept us on track

Straight ahead was the hill we climbed

The top of the hill!

The beginning of the trail


Overthinking is what kills you.”

I catch myself overthinking a lot and honestly it just makes things worse. In the end it all is less than what I thought and I always tell myself I just overthought things because I did. Check what it is you’re thinking about and try to stay calm and not overthink it until you know for sure what the outcome will be. 


Self Love

“Self love is a balloon filled with wind, from which storms burst forth when one makes a puncture in it.” 


When you love yourself and know your worth, no one can put you down with words that you know aren’t true. You really need to know yourself and what kind of person you really are so when someone comes to try and puncture your balloon, it will only get you farther in life. Self love is such an important thing to me. I feel that you need to love yourself to figure out who you truly are and what other things you might love. It’s the chain of love haha. When you love yourself, other things you love will start to connect.

Final Message: Know who you are so that when something or someone tries to puncture you, it won’t get you down because you know who you really are and you’re better than that. Also that because you know and love yourself, that when something or someone punctures you, it only will push you farther in life, like this balloon. Thanks!

Comment down below your thoughts on today’s message! I’d really love to know, thanks!

Ice Cream Or Frozen Yogurt?

Man did I forget how much I loved summer! The heat on my back, the sound of kids cheering at the pool, and of course the frozen yogurt. A big thing I’ve loved lately is this place called Menchies that sells the best frozen yogurt, and you can put whatever toppings you want on it. I think now I can say I would favor frozen yogurt over ice cream. My favorite to get is anything with chocolate haha. On mine I usually put cookie dough balls, reeces pieces, cheese cake cubes, Oreos, mini m&m’s, and reeces peanut butter cups. Haha I know I loaded it up, and I even ate the whole thing! It was delicious. Summer is delicious! 

Do you guys like ice cream or frozen yogurt better? And what kind is your favorite?

Thanks for reading! XOXO LEXIE.

Lake Photos

So I found out that my ex boyfriend ran somebody over with a car yesterday. The worst part is he ran him over on purpose. Aren’t I glad I got out of that relationship. Anyways I told you guys I was gonna share with you photos from the lake so here they are! If you didnt read my last post then go check it out! Thanks!

Lake Break

Okay guys, sorry I haven’t blogged all week I’ve been on vacation. What sucks is the day before I left for vacation I broke my phone. I set it on the back of my car and forgot about it there, then I left and drove out to the vet to pick up my dogs medicine and then it was gone. My dad ended up finding it on the side of the road and it was wrecked. Like the screen was no longer on my phone, it must’ve been run over a bunch of times the way it looked. Anyways you might be wondering about this vacation. Well, when I was younger we had a lake house that we would go to two or three times a year. Our family ended up having to sell it a few years ago which was really sad for all of us. This year though we got to go back down there and stay at my dad’s friends lake house for the week. The crazy part is though was that it’s only two houses down from the old lake house! Memories and emotions flooded me seeing the old house. When I was down there we went fishing, swimming, kayaking, and just relaxed. We mainly caught crappie fish and some blue gill and my dad cut them up so we can eat them later on. I didn’t have a phone the whole time I was down there which was actually kind of nice. Tomorrow morning my dad and I are going into town to get a new one. Anyways I just wanted to update you guys on everything and let you know that I didn’t vanish on you. Then when I get my phone I will make a post including all of the photos from vacation and maybe I’ll even show you guys a picture of how wrecked my old phone is haha. Thanks you guys for understanding!

XOXO Lexie.