I Have Great News!

I Have Great News!





     Okay, so some of you know that I have been looking for a job for awhile now. Since August pretty much when lifeguarding ended. Well… I got one! I applied for a job at a movie theatre in a bigger town next to me and got called in for an interview. I went in for the interview and the lady I talked to was super nice and also worked at a pool as one of those ladies who tells you when it’s okay to go down the slide. Yeah, so she interviewed me and I thought it went well and she said she’d call me before Thursday and let me know if I got the job. I got a call on Wednesday and I got the job! My first day was Monday and I just observed and learned the basics. My second day was yesterday and it was busier than monday but I got more hands on practice with the cash register which was nice and I’m starting to get the hang of everything. Everyone I work with is really nice and so far I like working there a lot. I just wanted to let you guys know what was new in my life and that I finally got a job after all this time. Thanks for your support!




Fire Power!

Fire Power!

Okay guys, I’ve been digging the whole fire look, and I want to talk about my favorite items I’ve come across. Enjoy!



These shoes are so super fly! First of all they’re vans and second of all they have fire on them. Also I’m getting these for Christmas so I’m super excited to wear them and look super dope. I’m going to pair these with the shirt I have down below or an all red shirt and some skinny jeans.



These jeans are beautiful. They’re a little on the pricey side but if I have the money to spare I’m going to purchase these someday. They’re Levi jeans with this awesome fire detail on the bottom. I saw someone wearing these on Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat story and automatically looked them up. If I could have these jeans I think my wardrobe would be completed.



This is the shirt I’m getting that I will pair with those awesome shoes up there. It’s just a classic Vans shirt with the checkered detailing on the arms. As you can see it matches my shoes so this is going to be a complete look here. When I get both of these items after Christmas you will probably see them in my ‘What I got for Christmas’ blog.



If you want to pick up any of these items you can find them on the Vans site or you can just google them and they will pop up. Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!


Fishing in the Dark

Fishing in the Dark




I woke up this morning from a dream and had this song stuck in my head. In this dream I was in a hotel room of some kind and we found PlayStation controllers and automatically we were like “where’s the playstation?” We searched around and found it and started playing this fighting game, which we won, and the music in the background was this song ‘Fishing in the Dark,’ I’m sure you guys have heard of it. “You and me going fishing in the dark, lying on our back and counting the stars, where the cool grass grows.” It’s a great song that I’ll link down below. Anyways right before my dream ended that song was playing so it got stuck in my head and I was singing it in the shower, and now I’m at school with the song still stuck in my head. So why not write about this situation I thought haha. It’s a great song and everyone needs to be reminded of those great forgotten songs sometimes. Hope you guys enjoy!


Fishing in the Dark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvDh9eeHDWc

She Crashed the Wheelchair!

She Crashed the Wheelchair!



One time I was at my friends house when I was around 8 years old. My friend had a sister that was my sister’s age so they were both there too. We went out to their grandpa and grandma’s house like usual and just messed around on their farm. Her grandma had an electric wheelchair that she used to get around with, and we would take it and ride around sometimes. Anyways one day my younger sister took it and was riding around the farm doing laps you know nothing too crazy. Well, when you bring the chair back into the house there’s a ramp you use to get back up. My sister went to go up the ramp and when she was about half way up it one of the wheels went off the side of the ramp and the whole wheelchair and my sister fell off. It was super funny, but the grandma wasn’t too happy about it. My sister was okay, she didn’t get hurt, and now we have a funny story to tell. I just wanted to share with you guys that funny story from my childhood. Hope you guys enjoyed it!

What is a funny story from your childhood?



I Have To Be Honest With You Guys..

I Have To Be Honest With You Guys..



I have to be honest with you guys..


     I’m afraid to turn 18 and go to college. I just feel like I’m supposed to have something inspirational to say right now about how everything will work out but I don’t know that. When I turn 18 I take on new responsibilities. I can officially live with my mom when I turn 18 and I can take care of her and make sure she’s eating and not using substances. I know it’s not my job to take care of her but if I don’t who will. She doesn’t have anyone but me who truly cares about her and that takes the time to go and see her. I go to college in August of this year and it’s and hour and a half away from home so I won’t be there to check up on her. She’s tried to convince me to go to a community college closer to her but I shouldn’t have my own mother holding me back from where I want to go. See why I’ve been stressed out lately. I’m not ready to be 18 but I can’t stop that from happening and it sucks. It’s life. 

Holiday Sweaters You Need!

Holiday Sweaters You Need!



Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? I feel like just yesterday I was lifeguarding at the pool. Anyways another blogger did a similar post (I’ll link her post down below) like this and gave me the inspiration to do it myself too! Here it is…

A post about holiday sweaters!

I don’t know about you guys but I love those crazy Christmas sweaters with their sparkles and bells. I’m going to show you a few of my favorites. 



First up is this Stranger Things sweater. I know a lot of people watch this show so I hope some of you guys enjoy this one, I know I do!




This is a Holiday sweater classic right here. The Home Alone slogan sweater is a popular one every year and I’ve always wanted to pick one up. Someday I will.




This has to be my favorite one I’ve seen so far. It’s so fun and it has led lights to add something extra to your sweater.





This sweater is so cute! Penguins actually used to be my favorite animal. I loved the movie Mr. Poppers Penguins. If you haven’t seen it you need to because it’s a cute, funny movie.




If you’re looking for a more casual sweater than this would be it. There’s tons more like this on their website if you’re looking for a sweater like this one. They have different colors to fit your holiday preference.





Go check out her post! Thanks!


I Thought I was Having a Heart Attack

I Thought I was Having a Heart Attack




I woke up around 5:00 a.m. this morning with a sharp pain in my chest. I figured out that the pain occurred when I shifted my body to the left so I tied the chest pain together with the left side of my body and I thought I was having a heart attack. Yeah, I know, I’m only 17, but I still thought I was having a heart attack. Okay maybe not literally but I wasn’t sure what was going on. I sat up and I got a drink of water thinking maybe it was heartburn but I realized it wasn’t a burning pain, just a sharp one. I thought if I got up and went to the bathroom then came back to bed it’d be gone, but it wasn’t. I got my phone and googled my symptoms and it said that heart attacks aren’t due to body movement and that this type of pain can come from the spine. Then it all made sense. Awhile back I realized one of my hips is farther forward than the other one, and because of this my sciatic nerve gets pinched every once in awhile causing pain down my right leg and in my lower back. I had noticed my right leg hurting the past few days and I tried to do my stretches to help it. I think that’s why I’m having this pain in my chest. I’m going to keep trying to do my stretches to help it get unpinched and hopefully this will resolve all my troubles. Thanks for listening to my crazy story!