My Dad, My Role Model

My Dad, My Role Model

I want to share with you guys who my role model is and why. I think that it is very important to have role models in life, and especially ones you know personally. If you have a role model in your life then you should let them know, and thank them.



My role model in life is my dad. Ever since I was young he has always wanted me to do my best in everything that I do like sports and my school work. When I made a mistake in something he would tell me what I did wrong and how to fix it. Most of the times I just thought he was yelling at me but in all reality he just loves me and believed in me that I was much more capable of doing great things in life than I thought. My dad is my role model because he never gives up. I know it has to be difficult raising four kids by himself, especially two daughters, but everything he does is so he can provide for us kids. He also doesn’t give up on us no matter what the circumstances are. He doesn’t give up on a goal he wants to achieve, like when he trained for months and months so he could do a triathalon. He didn’t give up on me when I moved out of his house for the wrong reasons, or when I wasn’t making the best decisions in life. I didn’t get it back then, back when I was making bad choices, how bad I hurt my dad through everything I did. I wouldn’t talk to him and I didn’t want anything to do with him, and that had to of broken his heart. I had lost myself and who I was for some time, but when I finally found myself again, my dad was still there waiting. He stuck by my side because he loves me and he taught me you don’t give up on the people you love. My dad works hard at everything he does. Whether it’s for his job and he really wants to get another client, or it’s some race he is training for, he really does his best and puts in a lot of effort towards these kinds of things. He has taught me that not everything comes easy in life, and that sometimes you have to work for it. I see that when my dad has a goal in mind that he wants to achieve, he goes for it. He doesn’t doubt himself or say he can’t do it, he finds a way to achieve these things. He shows that hard work really does pay off because my dad is a successful man. My dad is my role model because he works hard at everything he does, he always wants the best for everyone and believes that you are so much more capable of doing greater things in life, and he never gives up on what he wants and the things he loves.


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