Save Your Coins!

Save Your Coins!



I always save my coins in this huge coin jar I have. It never gets all the way to the top but that’s just because it’s so huge, and I cash my coins in when I need extra cash. Saving your coins adds up fast! I just had to share the importance of keeping your coins. Now if I see something I really want, like a pair of shoes or jeans, then I go to my coin jar and see how much I got in there and I use my coin profits to get the things I want. As adults like most of you are, it probably isn’t as easy for you to save your coins and spend them on clothes or items you want. They might go to bills or something, and there isn’t anything wrong with that because you save money that you didn’t even know you had. Americans throw away 62 million dollars worth of coins every year! Don’t be someone who just lets the coins go to the bottom of your purse or in the cup holder of your car. Grab a jar or some kind of container and save those babies!

Do you guys save your coins? If so how does it help you out? LMK in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Save Your Coins!

  1. I have a piggy bank. Literally, a pretty yellow and orange design piggy bank. It’s funny, my husband’s friend from Europe sent me two piggy banks last Christmas. I thought three piggies were just too much so we re-gifted the two. Mine is full now. I should cash it in. Perhaps there’s $40 in it, mostly dimes, nickels, and pennies. We save the quarters because we need them when we park downtown.

    The bottom of my pocketbook has more change than my wallet. The coins always fall out of my wallet. You should see me when I’m desperate for money digging in to the bottom of my pocketbook for change, bring with it lint balls and bits of wrappers of all sorts. I get some of it underneath my finger nails. It’s terrible!

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