He Wasn’t Loyal..

He Wasn’t Loyal..

“There’s something wrong with your character if opportunity affects your loyalty.” 


This word, loyal, it has so much meaning to me. I’ve had people in my life that I thought I loved and that I thought would never do anything to break that love or my trust for them and then ruined it all. They had an opportunity to do something and they took it instead of being loyal to me and it broke my heart. This was my boyfriend of 6 months who had the opportunity to do something with a girl when he was drunk and he did. The sad part is I didn’t find out until after we broke up. You guys need to be loyal to anyone who crosses your path, especially the ones you love. Do the right thing always, no matter what. Even if it’s something you really want to do like go out and party or do drugs, just stay away from it. If you’re 21 then you have all the rights to go out and party, but not do drugs okay. If your wife or husband doesn’t want you to do something, think about it and ask yourself if they don’t want you to do it because they’re selfish? Or is it just because they care about you? It’s most likely because they care about you. If some opportunity comes up you need to first think about if the situation is right. Then think is it really something you want to do and take that risk at ruining your loyalty? Lastly, would you be hurting anyone by doing this thing, because if so then it probably isn’t something you should be doing. Stay loyal to the ones who would do anything for you. Most importantly though stay loyal to yourself.






Via: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/loyal/


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