I’m Still A Child

I’m Still A Child

I recently had someone tell me my blog post was childish and that I’d look back at it and be embarrassed that I wrote such a thing. I can tell you right now that I will never be embarrassed of something I’ve written because everything I write is me and who I fully am. Who cares if I sound childish, I’m only 17, I am still a child. What I wrote in my opinion wasn’t a foolish thing to write, it was my dreams, and what I wish could happen in the world with those dreams. I’ll link the post below. Let me tell you one thing though. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing you and being whatever it is you want to be. Because if you do then you have nothing to be ashamed of, because all these things you do in life and say are what make us individuals, and special in our own way. Don’t let anyone ever tell you what you should think or who you should be. Just be you and you won’t care what others have to say. 


Here is the link of the post I made that was called childish: Fashion Line After My Dreams


3 thoughts on “I’m Still A Child

  1. I have my moments when I’m still a child, tip toeing through the tulips and experiencing the beauty of the world, like as if I had never experienced it before. I’m 46 years old.

    At 17, you are very young. I know you’ve already had challenges that much older people have never had, and yet you still retain your youth and write with much joy a lot of the time. That’s wonderful! And it shouldn’t be any other way at your age. I hope that when you are my age you have retained a lot of that youthful joy and imagination.

    Even my father at 74 is like a young boy at times. He says these are the best years of his life. Not just because of all of the knowledge he has obtained over those years, but by the spirit he has, partly because of the freedom he feels he has now, that he never had before.

    Michele Obama’s words are very wise, as they almost always are. And she is an extremely youthful woman. That is part of the reason why so many people adored her, and still do.

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