Fashion Line After My Dreams

Fashion Line After My Dreams

Enjoy this little story about my dreams and the fashion world!


I’ve always wanted to start a fashion line based off of the outfits I wear or see in my dreams. I’ve had dreams of clothes and then I’ll try to find something online that looks like what was in my dream but I can’t find anything similar. The problem is that I can’t draw. There would be no way I could sketch up a drawing of what the item is supposed to look like because I can’t draw. I wish they could create something that you wear on your head at night and it could someone record your dreams and then you could go back and watch them whenever you wanted. That way someone else could draw it up for me. Maybe someday that will become a thing, but maybe not until past my time. I’ve always loved fashion and I dress up for school almost everyday. I love being in style and knowing what’s new in the fashion world. I can’t wait until I go to college so I can just wear crazy things and have it be normal, or maybe it won’t be normal but who cares because I won’t know anyone there anyways. I wish I could be famous so I could walk the red carpet and attend fancy events where you have to wear fancy designer clothes all the time. Who knows what the future holds though, I’m sure being famous isn’t in it though. Anyways I just wanted to share with you guys my love for fashion and my dream to start a fashion line after my dreams haha.









7 thoughts on “Fashion Line After My Dreams

  1. lexiejungling, don’t even consider what that poster said. We should have youth in us our whole lives, and dreams of all sorts. I hope that person who commented realizes they sound like a nasty troll. Perhaps years down the line they will realize that and regret it. If not, they may become an old crusty bitter person. I hope they don’t, and that they take my advice here and lighten up.

    You are a very creative and artistic young woman. You express your creativity in so many wonderful ways. Dreams, both daydreams and nighttime dreams can inspire all sorts of new and amazing things. I imagine that every serious artist has such thoughts. As for the device that could record nighttime dreams, I don’t see why on earth such a thing couldn’t be possible. I suppose some nights when the dreams are bad you’d want to erase them, or even find a way to modify them. Just as movies that suddenly have happy endings give us joy, dreams with the ending we’d like do the same. We know that they are just dreams, but it is all entertainment.

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