I Don’t Want To Grow Old

I Don’t Want To Grow Old

Finite – Having limits or bounds.

“We have a finite amount of time. Whether short or long, it doesn’t matter. Life is to be lived.” – Randy Pausch

Honestly I’m afraid to get old. I don’t want to grow older and have health issues and have to stop shopping at my favorite clothing stores. A part of me wishes I would just die at like 65, but then another part of me wonders if I would miss out on something? What if I have grandkids, or someone gets married. Do I want to miss that all just because I don’t want to deal with the circumstances of getting old? It’s not like I can just choose to die at the age of 65 anyways. If I could though, would I? Would you? Time is precious I agree, and we should live every moment of it to the fullest. “Whether short or long” though I know I will live a great life, but am I not wanting to live it long because of the wrong reasons? I think that might be a possibility and that I just haven’t accepted the perks of getting old. What do you guys think? Do you guys dread getting older? Or if you are older what are some perks I can look forward to? 




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4 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Grow Old

  1. We are dealing with this philosophically a bit. My mother in law used to terrify her daughter by saying that she’d kill herself if she became like her mother – who died of severe Alzheimer’s. Now she is in disbelief that she has it. “nobody in my family had it…” she says one minute, but forgets there is anything wrong with her in the next; then she demands things like car keys or paperwork. She has the guilt of a child about most things, tries to claim she already did something if we ask about it. Her hygiene is quickly going downhill and she fantasizes about a more important life than she really even had – weaving in story lines from books she read as though she lived it.
    She doesn’t remember that her mother had it, or how horrified she was by that progression, or her conclusion that she’d off herself.. She’s currently joking around with her granddaughter, and it’s impossible to say where a line could be crossed between her value, her cursed existence, and the pain of this pathology, when she switches from laughing with her granddaughter to crying about how she can’t do anything any more.. There’s still plenty to value here. We love having her in our lives.

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