School + Netflix Suggestions?

School + Netflix Suggestions?

I miss school guys, and I know that when it eventually comes around it’s going to be sad because it is my last year of high school. I know I will have so much fun when I go off to college and start a new journey of my life but I still don’t want to leave. I picked up so many hours though life guarding this summer so far so I’ve kept busy with that and hanging out with my friends. Also Netflix, I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix on my lazy days haha. I finished Gilmore Girls a couple months ago which I really enjoyed and now I’m in to One Tree Hill. I’m waiting for the second season of Stranger Things to come out which seems like it’s taking forever. I’ve watched a lot of TV shows on Netflix but I’d really like to watch more movies. If you guys have any suggestions on movies to watch on Netflix then let me know it the comments! Have a wonderful day!


What are good movies to watch on Netflix? Let me know in the comments! Thanks!


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