Thunder Woman Park

Thunder Woman Park

Sunday afternoon my friend Hannah and I again went hiking. I had seen pictures of this park on a friend’s Snap-chat story and it looked cool so obviously I had to check it out. After I ate lunch at my grandma’s for Father’s Day I went home, packed my bag which included a bottled water, a jacket because it was a little chilly that day, a pocket knife just in case, sunscreen, chap-stick, and of course my camera, then Hannah picked me up and we were on our way. The GPS took us to a spot that was not even close to where we wanted to be but we ended up finding a place to park. We started walking on this gravel path until we came across a grass path to the right of us that we decided to go down. Just a little ways into the path there was this old abandoned truck that had been taken over by the plants growing all around it. We continued on this path and it ended up taking us no where but it was still very beautiful. My friend said she felt like she had just entered Narnia haha. It was very enchanting. Anyways we turned around then and kept walking on the gravel path. We came to a stop at this lake that was very beautiful, it was almost like a blue color and it was so pure looking. I wanted to swim but I couldn’t because there was a “No Swimming” sign right beside the lake. The reason we came to Thunder Woman Park was to see this amazing old suspension bridge. I realized that it wasn’t over here on this side of the park so we went back to the car and kept driving. Eventually we found it and I was so excited! I got out of the car and climbed the steep steps to get on the bridge. It was scary, but a good thrill kind of scary, when I walked across it. I was kind of disappointed though that the bridge lead to nothing but it was still amazing to see. I wish I could know what that bridge lead to back in the day but for now it just leads to a dirt path to no where. After this we walked back across the bridge, got in the car and went home. I had a lot of fun exploring as I always do and this summer is going to be filled with even more adventures. Thank you guys for reading and pictures will be down below!

Have you guys ever been on a suspension bridge? What was it like?



The abandoned truck.
My signature pose.


The beautiful lake.
The swinging suspension bridge!




Where the bridge lead to.


(Photos shot with Iphone 7)


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