Sac And Fox Overlook

Sac And Fox Overlook

Thursday morning my friend Hannah and I went to the Sac and Fox Overlook in a little town called Steamboat Rock. Now I’ve been hiking before in Steamboat and around there and I have to say that it’s my favorite place to go if I want a good hike. When we get there I took in the beautiful view of a swampy pond, the trees, and a bridge in the distance. We started on our hike and walked past the swamp, over a stream, and then climbed up a really big hill. May I add it was also very sunny and hot so I was dying by the time I got to the top haha. Also throughout the hike we saw a bunch of these signs telling you you couldn’t ride your horse through here, so we used those to keep us on track so we knew we were going the right way. In the middle of our walk we just stopped and looked around and listened to all the beautiful things around us. The different kinds of birds, the water nearby, and the wind blowing on my ears. I love nature because it’s where my soul feels at home. I could go on but I’ll save that for a different day. I have pictures from the hike down below, enjoy!


One of the hills we climbed
The sign that kept us on track
Straight ahead was the hill we climbed
The top of the hill!
The beginning of the trail


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