Self Love

Self Love

“Self love is a balloon filled with wind, from which storms burst forth when one makes a puncture in it.” 


When you love yourself and know your worth, no one can put you down with words that you know aren’t true. You really need to know yourself and what kind of person you really are so when someone comes to try and puncture your balloon, it will only get you farther in life. Self love is such an important thing to me. I feel that you need to love yourself to figure out who you truly are and what other things you might love. It’s the chain of love haha. When you love yourself, other things you love will start to connect.

Final Message: Know who you are so that when something or someone tries to puncture you, it won’t get you down because you know who you really are and you’re better than that. Also that because you know and love yourself, that when something or someone punctures you, it only will push you farther in life, like this balloon. Thanks!

Comment down below your thoughts on today’s message! I’d really love to know, thanks!


2 thoughts on “Self Love

  1. Self-love is important, but excess self-love (at the expense of others) is hurtful for all. I think one who loves themselves purely and reasonably does so because they find joy in helping and/or loving others, as well.

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