Ice Cream Or Frozen Yogurt?

Ice Cream Or Frozen Yogurt?

Man did I forget how much I loved summer! The heat on my back, the sound of kids cheering at the pool, and of course the frozen yogurt. A big thing I’ve loved lately is this place called Menchies that sells the best frozen yogurt, and you can put whatever toppings you want on it. I think now I can say I would favor frozen yogurt over ice cream. My favorite to get is anything with chocolate haha. On mine I usually put cookie dough balls, reeces pieces, cheese cake cubes, Oreos, mini m&m’s, and reeces peanut butter cups. Haha I know I loaded it up, and I even ate the whole thing! It was delicious. Summer is delicious! 

Do you guys like ice cream or frozen yogurt better? And what kind is your favorite?

Thanks for reading! XOXO LEXIE.


2 thoughts on “Ice Cream Or Frozen Yogurt?

  1. If I go to an ice cream parlor I tend to get frozen yogurt, because it is in the form of soft serve, which I like. I usually get the fat free sugar free varieties so I have next to no guilt. I guess chocolate is my favorite in that, even though in pastries I like vanilla better.

    I own an ice cream maker and have made both frozen yogurt and ice cream. I’ll admit the much fattier ice cream turns out better. The frozen yogurt I make with my ice cream maker is hard as a rock. The ice cream is creamier. I like homemade strawberry.

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