Lake Break

Lake Break

Okay guys, sorry I haven’t blogged all week I’ve been on vacation. What sucks is the day before I left for vacation I broke my phone. I set it on the back of my car and forgot about it there, then I left and drove out to the vet to pick up my dogs medicine and then it was gone. My dad ended up finding it on the side of the road and it was wrecked. Like the screen was no longer on my phone, it must’ve been run over a bunch of times the way it looked. Anyways you might be wondering about this vacation. Well, when I was younger we had a lake house that we would go to two or three times a year. Our family ended up having to sell it a few years ago which was really sad for all of us. This year though we got to go back down there and stay at my dad’s friends lake house for the week. The crazy part is though was that it’s only two houses down from the old lake house! Memories and emotions flooded me seeing the old house. When I was down there we went fishing, swimming, kayaking, and just relaxed. We mainly caught crappie fish and some blue gill and my dad cut them up so we can eat them later on. I didn’t have a phone the whole time I was down there which was actually kind of nice. Tomorrow morning my dad and I are going into town to get a new one. Anyways I just wanted to update you guys on everything and let you know that I didn’t vanish on you. Then when I get my phone I will make a post including all of the photos from vacation and maybe I’ll even show you guys a picture of how wrecked my old phone is haha. Thanks you guys for understanding!

XOXO Lexie.


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