Saving My Sister

Saving My Sister

Okay so awhile back I had this dream where my sister and I were driving and it was raining, then all of a sudden there was a sign that said “DEAD END” and before I knew it there was a bridge right in front of us. Somehow we flew out of the car out into the pouring rain onto the bridge and were sliding right off of it. Right away I tried to reach and grab my sister to try and save her so she didn’t fall off. I woke up after this but it was very scary because I didn’t know if I saved her or not. Then about a week ago I had another dream where my sister and I were in my dad’s big white Ford truck and she was driving. We were right by a river that had a pretty fast current. I rolled my window down because that’s what I do in real life when I’m by a river in case we go in so I will have an escape route. I know I’m silly but it scares me. Anyways back to my dream. She was driving by the river and of course we went in! I crawled out the window and got above the water. Then I saw my sister floating up and I dove down and grabbed her. (I’m a lifeguard so my saving techniques reflected in my dream.) I pulled her out of the water and onto the shore. She was still breathing and alive, thank God. My dad came over and I told him what happened and that I saved her life and stuff. Then my dream ended. I tried to look up what these dreams meant, of me always saving my sister, but I couldn’t find anything. I don’t know if it’s trying to say that I’m always there for my sister or what. If you guys have an idea of what it might mean that would be great! Thanks!


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