Be Someone’s Hope

Be Someone’s Hope

“I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say, “Because of you I didn’t give up.” – Unknown

(I came across this quote on Facebook .)


I want to impact as many people as I can throughout my lifetime. I want people to be able to come to me with their problems and know that I will be able to help them. Already in my 17 years of life I have tried to be there for people and give them the hope and encouragement they need to keep on going. If you guys see someone having a hard time, ask them if they need to talk about it, or tell them to keep there head up and that you’ll be there for them if they need it. Just the littlest of words can help a whole lot to someone, just knowing that they have someone to lean on if they need it is what can help them keep going. Do a good deed and be that person that hands out hope and encouragement for others, and you will get the same in return.


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