Who Care’s What Others Think

Who Care’s What Others Think

“You will never make it if you care what others think.”

If you are always doing things based off of other people’s opinions and reactions then you aren’t going to achieve your dreams and what you want to accomplish. All that matters is what you think about what you want to do. If you want to do something, and it’s a positive thing, then do it. Who cares what they think, they aren’t you, they don’t have the same interests as you. If it’s something that’s going to make your life better in the long run and it’s a positive thing than go for it, achieve what it is you want to achieve. They will try and put you down because they are jealous and they KNOW that you can do it. I KNOW that you can do it also!


Thanks for reading! Tell me a goal you’ve accomplished for yourself that you’re really proud of!


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