Stop Looking

Stop Looking

“People will survive, and they will find happiness. Happiness only comes when you’re not looking for it.” – Hugh Laurie


I’ve found that if you keep trying to search for happiness in people and things you’re only going to be let down because you won’t find it. When you stop looking for it so much then true happiness opens up to you and you can see what really makes you happy more clearly. Sometimes just the little things you do can be a sign of what might make you happy. Like writing for example. I’ve had a journal my whole life and I didn’t think of starting a blog until February but when I did it made me so much more happier to be involved in this great community of writers. Thank you all for contributing to my joy of writing.

Final Message: When you stop looking for happiness and let it come to you, you will feel so much more relieved with yourself. You might think that you will never survive whatever it is you’re going through but someday something or someone will come along and you will realize that this is what will make you happy. If you keep looking for it though you will end up finding what you think is happiness in the wrong things. Stay true to yourself always.

What is something that you’ve tried to find happiness in?


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed!



12 thoughts on “Stop Looking

  1. I think there is definitely truth to what you wrote and Hugh’s words, however, I do believe we can (to varying degrees) make our own happiness. For example, I started my blog and it brought me so much happiness and still does, but I had to take that step and seek out a hobby that I knew would challenge and entertain me.

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    1. Yes I totally agree, that is what I was trying to say with writing. Sometimes you need to take a step back from searching so you have time to actually discover what makes you happy. Should’ve added that in there sorry!

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