Be Known For The Good

Be Known For The Good

“Being unknown for the right reasons is far greater than being famous for the wrong reasons.”


A lot of people in today’s society become famous because of something they did wrong. Yes Miley Cyrus was famous before, but when she started shaking her butt and sticking her tongue out she gained thousands more twitter followers. The “How bout dat” girl became famous after she appeared on Doctor Phil for being a bad child and when she said one single phrase she became famous and now appears in rappers music videos and on famous Youtubers channels as well. I would rather be known for the great things I did rather than the bad. It’s like gossip. When you do something bad and then everyone finds out and everyone’s talking about you. People thrive off of other people’s lives and drama. It’s horrible to think about it but how many of you don’t look at the cover of the magazines and read what’s happening to the celebrities when you go through the checkout line? I know I do. I myself want to be known for the good things I do but unfortunately most of the time people only remember the bad. Does that mean that there’s no need to do good things then? No, of course not, you need to continue to do good things and be a good person for you, because that’s all that matters. Be a generous person because you want to be, not because it’s going to make you popular and talked about. If you want to do good things because it’ll make you look good, then you aren’t truly being good. You’re doing it for the wrong reasons. You need to do the right things because it’s the right thing to do and it’s what you want to do. Who cares if it doesn’t make you well known or talked about.

Final Message: Do the right thing because you want to, not because it’ll make you famous. Do it for you and the ones that care about you because they are the ones that will remember the good things you did, and look past the bad.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed!




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