Love Is A Cliff

Love Is A Cliff

“To love is to live on the precipice.” – Anne Desclos


Love is a crazy thing. When I was younger I would say I love you to someone but I didn’t even know what love felt like. I didn’t know that it could be something so strong and dangerous. Love is by far the most powerful feeling I’ve ever felt. Love is the best thing but yet the worst thing. It’s controlling. Anne Desclos knows what she’s talking about, because to love someone is to live on the edge, it’s a very dangerous, but yet thrilling thing. When I first felt the feeling of love I thought it was the best thing in the whole world. It made me feel happy and warm inside like nothing could ever ruin my happiness again, because I was in love. Love though, it can be a pain in the butt. I was in love with someone and they were in love with me. This person was not a good person but because I was in love with him it overshadowed all of the bad things about him that I should’ve avoided to begin with. This guy did drugs, sold drugs, and wasn’t even that great of a person towards me but yet, I stayed with him, because love is controlling. This was 2 years ago and I still haven’t allowed myself to trust another guy with my heart. I have been scared to love again because I have felt what it can do to you. It’s crazy that something like this can make you feel so many different things. It’s crazy that it can control you and make you do things that you would’ve never done before. It’s crazy, to love, because it can be the best thing, or the worst. That’s why “to love is to live on the precipice.”

Final message: Love is crazy and controlling and to love something or someone is living life on the edge. Standing on a cliff can both dangerous, but yet thrilling and exciting, and that’s what love is. Love is a cliff.


Comment down below what you think about love. Has it ever controlled you?


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6 thoughts on “Love Is A Cliff

  1. True love does not control, people do. I think when the right person
    comes along, you will both feel connected, yet liberated at the same
    time. Advice from someone old enough to be your grandmother (ha!)

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