History On May 17th

History On May 17th

If you were wondering what happened today in history, which you probably weren’t, then here I am to tell you what happened on the day, of May 17th.


May 17th:

1875 – With a crowd of 10,000 people, a field of 15 three year old horses contested the first Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky.

1925 – A major mining disaster resulted in taking the lives of 43 men. Rescue attempts were still continuing but were hampered by the deadly gases in the mines which was causing them to collapse from the fumes in the narrow passageways.

1954 – The US supreme court has ruled unanimously in Brown vs. Board of Education, ruling that segregation in public educational facilities is unconstitutional.

1969 – The Apollo 10 is all go for the final test before America lands a man on the moon later this year.

1973 – The investigation of the Watergate by the senate begins televised hearings on the Watergate scandal.

1974 – 3 car bombs are exploded in Dublin, killing 23 and injuring 100 more during rush hour.

2004 – First same sex marriage was performed at Cambridge Hall in Massachusetts.

2008 – Spanish police announce that they have arrested 5 hackers. This included two sixteen year olds, that were hacking to government websites in Asia, Latin America, and the United States, as well as over 20,000 other websites.

2011 – 500 illegal immigrants were found crammed in two trucks traveling through Mexico, trying to get to the United States.


Now you know, thanks for reading!


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