History On May 15th.

History On May 15th.

If you were wondering what happened today in history, which you probably weren’t, then here I am to tell you what happened on the day, of May 15th.


May 15th: 

1918 – The first flights for the USA airmail service begins between Washington, Philadelphia and New York.

1939 – A new plan was tested in Rochester, New York for providing food aid to 14,000 families on relief. They hoped that this plan would help to distribute surplus foods to the needy.

1940 – Nylon stockings from DuPont went on general sale for the first time in the United States.

1942 – Gas rationing goes into effect across 27 US states as part of the war effort.

1948 – Israel declared independence on May 14th and then a day late they were attacked by Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq. This attack lasted for almost a year. The independence of Israel as a state was then rejected.

1949 – A major tornado strikes Amarillo, Texas causing 6 deaths and many injuries. Over 50 homes were completely destroyed.

1970 – During a student protest at Jackson State University in Mississippi, police open fired killing 2 students and injuring 12 others.

1972 – Alabama governor George Wallace is shot and left paralyzed while campaigning for President of the United States.

1974 – Israeli troops storm a school in Israel because three Palestinian gunmen had been holding the kids hostage. It ended with 16 of the children killed.

1981 – The 20,000,000th Volkswagen Beetle came off production line at the Volkswagen plant in Puebla, Mexico.

1993 – Masked French Police end a two day hostage crisis at a nursery school in Paris. Rescuing six girls and their nursery teacher, and shot dead Eric Schmitt who called himself “The Human Bomb.”

2008 – California’s supreme court rules in favor of same sex marriage.


Now you know, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the handful of events that happened in today’s history.


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