History On May 11th

History On May 11th

If you were wondering what happened today in history, which you probably weren’t, then her I am to tell you what happened on the day of May 11th.

Sorry guys, not a lot of things happened today, I was debating on posting this or not but I might as well right?


May 11th: 

1934 – A 1,500 mile long dustorm covers a third of the Midwest. It was 900 miles across and 2 miles high.

1971 – Britain’s oldest tabloid newspaper, The Daily Sketch closes and is published for the last time.

1981 – The death of my favorite artist, Bob Marley, happened on this day. Forever rest in peace Bob.

1985 – 56 football fans die in a stadium fire. During a match against Lincoln city at the Valley Parade football grounds, someone had thrown a cigarette into a trash can which then started on fire and burst into flames.

2011 – A bank robber has been arrested for a 7 million dollar theft, he had been wanted by the FBI since 1983.


Now you know, thanks for reading!


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