Temporary and Permanent

Temporary and Permanent

“Most people in your life

were only meant 

for dreams,

and summer laughter.

They stay till the wind changes,

the tides turn,

or disappear

with the first snow.

And then there are some

that are forged

to weather blizzards

and pain with you.

They were cast in iron, 

set in gold

and never ever leave you

to face anything alone.

Know who those people are.

And love them the way they deserve.

Not everyone in your life is temporary.

A few are as permanent as love is old.”

-Nikita Gill

I just wanted to share this poem with you guys by Nikita Gill. She talks about how not everyone in your life will be temporary, and that the people that are always there for you in your life when you’re going through ups and downs, you need to keep them near because they are the permanent ones. Sometimes we don’t realize who those people are, the ones that are always there for you, but we need to and we need to show them all the love that they have showed us. Think about a person that is always there for you and think about if you do the same thing for them.

Final thoughts: Be that permanent person for someone, that person that is always there for someone whenever they need it. We all need someone permanent in our lives and you can be that person for someone, as well as them to you.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed the poem and what I had to say about being a permanent person in someone’s life. Thanks!!!

Who is that permanent person in your life, and who are you that permanent person for???

Via: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/temporary/


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