History On May 9th

History On May 9th

If you were wondering what happened today in history, which you probably weren’t, then here I am to tell you what happened, on the day on May 9th.


May 9th:

1925 – Rum runners were chased today by the Coast Guard and were forced to dump 100 cases of liquor in the Delaware River as part of the Rum War between smugglers and Coast Guard, after they dumped the booze they managed to escape the Coast Guard.

1994 – The first cases of the Ebola Virus in the latest outbreak in Gabon, Africa.

1926 – Commander Richard Byrd and his companion the first to fly an airplane to the North Pole.

1960 – The Food and Drug Administration approved the first pill for contraceptive use in Birth Control, called Envoid.

1974 – Nixon impeachment hearings begin against President Richard M. Nixon today for his involvement in the Watergate cover-up.

1994 – South Africa’s newly elected parliament chose an unopposed Nelson Mandela to be their first black president.

2007 – Six foreign men were arrested for planning an attack on the Fort Dix army base in New Jersey.

2012 – US president Barack Obama states that he supports gay marriage and believes that they should be able to get married.


Now you know. Thanks for reading and comment down below what you thought the most interesting event was for today! Thanks!!!




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