History On May 8th

History On May 8th

If you were wondering what happened in history today, which you probably weren’t, then here I am to tell you what happened on the day of May 8th.


May 8th:

1929 – Three gangsters from Chicago were found and murdered today and riddled with bullets in retaliation for the “St Valentine’s Day Massacre” earlier in the year, two have been identified as two of Scarface Al Capone’s henchmen.

1959 – A 200 ton pleasure boat carrying some of Egypt’s top agriculture engineers and their families on a picnic, sank with loss of 200 lives on the Nile.

1970 – The Beatles original album “Let It Be” is released.

1984 – The USSR announced it is boycotting the Olympic Games blaming the commercialization of the games and lack of security. 14 countries joined the boycott.

1986 – Following the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster from April 26th, the Atomic Energy Agency has announced that the fire is now out.

2005 – Celebrations in Europe and across the globe take place celebrating V-E Day, the day that World War ll ended.

2008 – The Olympic torch reached the summit of Mount Everest after it was carried up the mountain by the team of Chinese climbers. The team consisted of both men and women. Carrying the torch up the tallest peak was hoped to draw attention away from protests against the Beijing Olympics.

2011 – Lionel Rose, the first Australian Aboriginal boxer to win a world title, died at the age of 62. He ended his boxing career winning 42 out of 53 fights.

2012 – Maurice Sendak, American author of the famous children’s book “Where the Wild Things Are,” died at the age of 83 after having complications due to a stroke. She had written numerous awards and won many awards throughout her career.


Now you know! Thanks for reading. Let me know if you want me to go deeper into any of these events and I’ll do a blog post about it!

Let me know what you found to be the most interesting event of today.


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