Fluffy Cows?

Fluffy Cows?

Okay, I live in Iowa, and anyone who knows what Iowa look like knows it’s a bunch of corn fields and animal pastures. We have a lot of cows here and when fair time comes around and people need to get there cows ready to show them, they wash them and dry them and they look fluffy! It is the cutest thing ever. You guys might not think so, but I do so I wanted to share with you what a fluffy cow looks like. There are two types of these fluffy cows. There are the regular show cows that only look fluffy when you make them fluffy by washing and blow drying them, and then there’s an actual breed of fluffy cows. I’m not sure what is which in the pictures below but they’re still cute!




Thanks for reading! Let me know what you guys think of these fluffy cows!


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