My “blanket,” My Shelter

My “blanket,” My Shelter

Blanket – Covering all cases or instances; total and inconclusive


“A warm blanket

A must have on movie nights,

It’s also there when we feel the world growing cold.

Or when we aren’t quite sure what the future holds.

Curled up and tucked in,

It’s easier to remember that we’re safe.

And we’re loved.”


Blankets are our shelter from the real world. When we feel sad, tired, or sick we curl up in a blanket and we feel all better. This blanket doesn’t have to be a literal blanket. It could be a friend, a song, or just pure love that shelters you from the world. Find a blanket in your life and keep it close for the tough times you’ll go through. My blanket in life is writing or reading. When I’m writing or reading I almost lose touch with reality for a minute and I can escape from whatever is going on around me. It’s my blanket that I use when there is something bothering me that I don’t want to think about or when I’m having a bad day or when the world just doesn’t seem right. It shelters me and puts me in a warm happy place. That’s what your blanket in your life should do for you.

What is your blanket in life?

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Don’t forget to answer the question down below in the comments and give me a follow if you haven’t already. Thanks!!!





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