Know or Don’t Know?

Know or Don’t Know?

I was laying in bed last night watching my fish swim around in their tank. When I finally got tired of watching them I got up, turned the fish tank light off, and plopped back down in my bed. When I layed down I wanted to roll over and check my phone to see what time it was. For some reason though my mind just thought that it would be cool to not know what time it was, so I layed there thinking about how I’m going to sleep not knowing what time it was. It kind of bothered me, not knowing something I was capable of knowing. This happens a lot where we want to know something but we don’t actually try to figure it out. What time I went to sleep is something that I could’ve easily known but for some reason I wanted to go to sleep in the unknown. My mind is weird like that I guess. It reminds me of how sometimes we want to know things but we also don’t at the same time. That sometimes it doesn’t matter if we know or don’t know something, even if we want to know. You get what I’m saying? Haha. Don’t go and try to figure out something you don’t want to know, because there is probably a good reason why you don’t want to know that certain something. It’s hard sometimes when we want to know something so bad even though we know that it could hurt us or be disturbing. Switch it around though and let’s talk about if you want to know something that you actually want to know. How many questions a day do you hear get asked that never get answered? Or have you ever thought of a question in your mind that you were curious to know the answer about. Like why the little styrofoam pieces are called peanuts? Who knows. Well someone out there knows and the internet knows and so if you want to know, look it up! Ask someone! Then you will know and you will feel a little more educated. Know or don’t know, it’s all up to you.

Why are styrofoam pieces called peanuts? It’s because they used to use peanut shells for packing things and then the styrofoam replaced that.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed! What is a question that you wanted to know that you don’t have the answer to? Just maybe I can answer them for you. 🙂 Thanks!!!


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