History On April 26th

History On April 26th

You ever wonder what happened in history today? Well I’m here to tell you exactly that. Enjoy!

April 26th

1928 – United States opens a yo-yo factory owned by Pedro Flores. They had 600 employees and made over 300,000 yo-yo’s daily.

1954 – The new polio vaccine is given for the first time in a nationwide polio vaccine test.

1986 – An explosion and fire at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine resulted in a nuclear meltdown sending radioactivity into the atmosphere. This is considered the largest nuclear accident in history. (I watched this Youtube video of this guy who actually goes and explores and abandoned down due to this accident. Link will be down below.)

2000 – First bill was signed that allowed same-sex couples to form civil unions.

2002 – An expelled student went on a shooting rampage at the Johannn Gutenburg Gymnasium in Erfurt, Germany. He killed 13 teachers, 2 students, and a police officer before taking his own life. According to students he ignored them and aimed for mostly the teachers.


Now you know what happened on April 26th. Thanks for reading!




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