Livin’ Life In The Gray

Livin’ Life In The Gray

Gray – Of a color intermediate between black and white, as of ashes or an overcast sky.

“The gray area, the place between black and white – That’s the place where life happens.” – Justin Timberlake

“A gray area in the world that doesn’t like gray areas, but the gray areas are where you find the complexity, it’s where you find the humanity and it’s where you find the truth.” – Jon Ronson


Gray is always seen as such a depressing color. A sad gloomy day kind of color. I love going outside when it’s raining and jumping around in puddles in my rain boots. Do I really do that that often? No, not at all but I need to more often. We get happy when we see blue skies because that means it’s going to be a beautiful day, but flowers and plants get happy when they see gray skies because that just might be rain coming. The gray area, the place between black and white. Just live your life in between. Don’t overdo it but yet down underdo it either you know? I’m keeping this short and sweet today so just remember that gray isn’t a sad color, and that you need to live your life in the gray areas and because that is where you will find humanity and the truth.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed. Let me know in the comments what you think the gray area means to you in your life, thanks!!!




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