French Fry Poem

French Fry Poem

I don’t know about you guys but I love french fries. I could eat french fries every day. Have you ever wondered how french fries even got their name? Well I’ll tell you. In the 1840’s pomme frites (fried potatoes) appeared in Paris. They became really popular and ended up coming over to America. Because they came over from France the Americans started calling the “french fried potatoes” and then overtime it shortened down to just french fries. There it is, pretty obvious right?

Here’s a poem I like about french fries, enjoy!

“A piece of potato fried to perfection,                                                                                                  At any fast food a great selection,                                                                                                        Wheatear waffle, crinkle, or even stake,                                                                                          A small medium or large I will surely take,                                                                                    Dipped in ketchup or seasoned with salt,                                                                                          If you gain a bunch of weight, it’s the french fries fault.”

This poem didn’t have a real name just a username which was tpdancerocks.

Thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments what your favorite kind of french fry is. Don’t be afraid to follow for more interesting things like this! Thanks!!!


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