The Past Is Back

The Past Is Back


At my school there’s this girl who is dating my ex. My ex has always tried to reach out to me and I have to keep blocking numbers and Facebook accounts to get rid of him but he always seems to find a way in. Today he messaged me and his girlfriend found out and started texting me saying how nobody likes me and that he never loved me. I so badly wanted to snap back at her and say some unkind things but I held myself back. I don’t know what she’s going through in her life right now, and even though she said some mean things to me that doesn’t mean that I should say them back. I need to be the bigger person. I never wanted her to hate me for things I never did but it looks like it’s come down to that. Tomorrow at school I’m going to compliment her on her outfit or her shoes to show her that I have no hard feelings against her. It’s really hard in these types of situations to do the right thing, and usually I don’t. Today though I felt that good angel on my shoulder telling me not to snap back at her, and to be the better person. What I wish is that my past doesn’t keep coming back and putting me in a dark place. I need to not let the past come and affect my future because it’s mine and I determine how it goes from here. Even if he does keep finding ways to get into my life I’m never going to let him in. I’ve improved to a better individual in life and I’m proud of how far I’ve come. From here on out him and nothing else from my past are going to get me down. Tomorrow I’m going to say something nice to her and I’ll let you guys know what happens. 

Thanks for listening to my problem and if you have any advice for me on what to do I’d greatly appreciate it, thanks!


4 thoughts on “The Past Is Back

  1. Some advice to keep in your back pocket in case it escalates…. (and I say this from my past experience with jealous girls possessive of their boyfriends) ….. if she doesn’t stop -even if you try to be the bigger person and ignore her- turn to logic…..just point out that if she was such a catch that he wouldn’t bother trying to talk to his ex…..and you wouldn’t want him back anyway- so she needs to back off and pay more attention to their relationship and not to what’s past.

    Girls like that tend not to back down unless they get a mirror held up to them.

    Oh the stories I could share…. 😉

    Good luck! Ex’s! They can be such pains!

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  2. The past always has a nasty habit of finding its way back. And in a way it’s always with us. How it affects us today, and in turn tomorrow depends on our attitude towards it — and it sounds like you have a nice, healthy one. We can’t control other people’s attitudes. But, I think, through forgiveness to ourselves, we can learn forgiveness towards others, and let events pass us by, rather than let them control us. If that makes sense. In short, it sounds like you’re doing fine. 😉

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