The Pleasure of Being You

The Pleasure of Being You

Pleased – feeling or showing pleasure and satisfaction, especially at an event or a situation.

“If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased.” – Katharine Hepburn 

This message is going to be a short one because I’m on my way to an appointment right now but I hope you guys enjoy it!

Making new friends isn’t always easy, or maybe for some of you it is. You have to try and find the people who like the same things that you do and enjoy doing things that you enjoy doing. It’s hard to find someone like that sometimes though, and this is how we sometimes end up changing into someone we aren’t. You end up hanging out with people who don’t do the same things that you do and then you start doing those same things so you can fit in and have friends. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t good friends, it just means that you aren’t being yourself anymore. You won’t be truly happy with yourself. Eventually though you will find your true friend, and it’ll almost seem like they were the one that was meant to be your friend. Even if they don’t do the same things you do and you don’t do the same things that they do, they won’t care. They’ll learn to like you for you and you will do the same to them because that’s what true friends do. No matter what, just do what you want to do and you will find someone, whether that be a friend or your soul mate. If you are doing what you want to do in life everyday and being the real you then it’ll lead you right to someone who is going to appreciate you. If you aren’t being you then how can a person truly like you or love you for who you are when they don’t even know who you really are. Be yourself in everything you do because in the end I’ll promise you you’ll be pleased. 

Thank you for reading, don’t be afraid to follow, I promise you won’t regret it. 😊



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