Do You Wish You Could Go Back?

Do You Wish You Could Go Back?

CuspA pointed end in where two curves meet, in particular. OR. The initial point of an astrological sign or house.

“I am on the cusp of change and the curve is shifting fast.” – Audrie Lordie

I feel like this last year I’ve changed a lot. I went from partying a lot and being a reckless kid to now really getting my stuff together and making sure that I do something with my life. I lost myself and who I really was and when I look back at that person I was I don’t even know who she was, because it wasn’t me. Now I am on a better path in life and I can’t be more happy with how far I’ve come. I started this blog and it’s been a really great thing for me to keep myself occupied and keep my mind off of other things. I’m young and I need to be a teenager while I have the opportunity to. Soon enough I’m going to have to go into the adult world and experience things that I’ve never experienced before. You always hear people say that they wish they could go back to the days they were in high school. That’s why I need to enjoy it now. I have to enjoy just being a kid and stop trying to make myself grow up so fast. Once my childhood is gone I’m never going to get it back and that’s a sad thing to think about. If you are in high school my advice to you is to enjoy being a teenager while you can. Time flies by fast and before you know it you’ll be thrown into the adult world wishing you could come back those teenage days. I’m living life as a teenager right now and I love it.

For the adults out there, comment down below, what is some advice/tips you could give me or other kids in high school or even younger?

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12 thoughts on “Do You Wish You Could Go Back?

  1. Staying, feeling and acting young isn’t a problem and one should do as long as possible. Key, imo, is some balance. Which is often easier to say than finding it, but I think, reading above, you’re on the way to.

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  2. My advice would be no matter what you do, you won’t be ready for the adult world. Adulting just plain sucks but you make the most of it. If you have a plan or a semblance of some type of long term goal then try to stick to it as much as you can but expect to deviate off the path every once in a while. You don’t have to be serious all the time. It’s okay to have fun. I would encourage you to find things that make you laugh often in between the stress because you are going to be stressed out most of the time. Do be afraid of leisure time. Taking the time will probably keep you sane. Do what you love to do while being responsible and there’s really nothing else a person can ask for.

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  3. Ooooh let’s see where do I start! I actually posted a blog a in January titled: On This Path Called Life where I give advice to the younger generations. (You are welcome to go give it a read!) Some of the biggest points I like to make with raising my kids or if I could go back and change things it would be: Do things for YOU and not for your friends. Things you may love now- you may end up hating later. Never stick yourself inside a box. Don’t aspire to be anyone but yourself. Love yourself- yet admit when you are wrong and need to slightly hate yourself. Don’t get involved in petty games. Pick the harder paths- in my life they have tended to be the most rewarding. Learn lessons from others and don’t always say “I need to make my own mistakes to learn” – while it is true that you need to learn first hand- you can learn lessons second hand. It just depends what the lesson is and how stubborn you are. Know that most things in life never come easy. Have a plan- but always know that you can venture from it. Choose adventure when you can before you get to your late thirties and things start to hurt LOL…..Take care of your body and your health- it’s amazing how quickly things can start to deteriorate and hurt with age…. (I could go on and on…. ) …Okay this got long… LOL Seriously- check out my blog post. You will find lots of great advice (like the stuff listed here) There are times when I wish I could go back in time whether it is too feel younger, freer or just to slap myself in the face for my actions!

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  4. I have very fond memories of most of my childhood and 20s. I relish the memories, but I wouldn’t want to return to them. I have learned so much over these years (even from the painful challenges) and I feel good in my 45 year old skin. I say enjoy the present. Try to find things in the present that you relish and then progress as nature and time forces you to.

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