Dream #6 Kidnapped & Shot

Dream #6 Kidnapped & Shot

This dream isn’t a very long one but I wanted to share it with you because something crazy happened when I woke up.

*In a grocery store*

I walk over to the produce section and grab two apples and start to put them into my sweatshirt pocket. The lady at the counter looks at me and starts to tell me that if I put them into my pocket I’ll get fined 200 dollars! She says that the apples and other stuff in the store has certain things in them that if you put them in your pocket it’ll sense it and you’ll get fined 200 dollars. I thought this was crazy and so I went and told my friends in the store not to put anything in your pockets no matter what, and I told them the reasoning that the lady had told me.

*In someone’s house*

I look around and all my friends are sitting by me on the ground. We’re tied up with ropes and can’t move. We realize we’ve been kidnapped and we all look around for ways that we can escape. One of my friends starts to climb out the window and then a lady runs into the room and pulls him back down to the ground. She tells him that he can’t climb out the window otherwise he’ll get hurt. The lady who kidnapped us isn’t being mean to us but she is taking care of us. She thinks that she’s helping. She tells us that she knows we aren’t human and that she took us to take care of us and keep us safe. Obviously she was crazy because we did have parents and we were human. I start crying because I want to go home and she doesn’t understand why I’m not happy. All of a sudden someone comes in with a gun and in my mind I’m thinking that there’s no way they’re going to shoot us. Then one by one he comes and starts shooting us, it gets closer and closer to it being my turn to be shot. As he’s about to shoot the girl next to me I tell her that I’ve been shot before and that it doesn’t hurt and right when it happens she’ll wake up. I see her get shot and then he walks over to me, I’m not even afraid as he pulls the trigger and I fall to the ground. As I hit the ground I see the girl next to me bleeding out of her head. I start to see my own blood surround me.

*Dream Ends*

Okay the freaky part about this dream is that after I got shot and I woke up, my nose started bleeding. I don’t know if my dream had something to do with it but I just think that it’s crazy how when I woke up from being shot and seeing blood in my dream, I wake up and my nose starts to bleed. Weird right?

Anyways, thanks for reading and let me know what you think about this dream, I still haven’t heard from you guys if you want me to keep writing about my dreams or not so let me know in the comments! Thanks!!!


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