Dream #5 Mustang

Dream #5 Mustang

It’s been awhile since I posted about my dreams because lately I haven’t been able to remember all bits and pieces of them so I didn’t want to write something that didn’t even make sense to me. Last night though I had this dream and I woke up and I remembered it and I told myself I can’t forget it because I need to write it on my blog, so here it is.

*In my bedroom at my dad’s house*

I’m laying on my bed just hanging out with this guy named Brandon. We’re just laying there talking and playing on our phones. Out in the kitchen I can hear my dad on the phone with someone. After a while when he finally got off the phone he walks into my room and he stares at Brandon with an evil eye but he’s just joking around with him and then they laugh about it. Then he looks at me and says, “I have to go pick up your cousin Lyric, so you have to go pick up your sister from Ackley.” Ackley is a town that isn’t that far away from where I lived so I didn’t have a problem with picking her up. My dad leaves and then shortly after Brandon and I get up and go outside. In the driveway sits Brandon’s black Mustang. He hops in and tells me, “watch this.” I watch as he drives down the street and then turns the corner. I can hear the loud engine all the way around the block until he gets back to my house. “Wow, he’s so cool,” I say sarcastically to myself.

*In the driveway at my mom’s house*

I see Brandon’s Mustang, my car, and my mom’s car in her driveway. My mom is outside and she is obviously drunk and talking non-sense. I walk up to her car and there’s a house door connected to it. I grab the house door and I pick it up and detach it from the car so I can get in to go get my sister. My mom is yelling at me about something and I kind of just ignore her. Then she starts screaming and the branches on the trees start to fall off and I get really scared. I fast walk to my car and yell at Brandon to get in. I don’t even think about his Mustang being there as Brandon starts to get in my car. He hops in and we drive away as branches fall on my car.

*Dream Ends*

I’m sorry this dream wasn’t that exciting. Hopefully I will have an exciting dream soon to share with you! Thanks for reading and comment down below and let me know what you thought about this dream. Thanks!!!


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