Key to Life

Key to Life

Elixir – A magical or medicinal potion.

“The alchemists of past centuries tried hard to make the elixir of life; Those efforts were in vain; it is not in our power to obtain the experiences and the views of the future by prolonging our lives forward in this direction. However, it is well possible in a certain sense to prolong our lives backwards by acquiring the experiences of those who existed before us and by learning to know their views as well as if we were their contemporaries. The means for doing this is also an elixir of life.” – Hermann Franz Moritz Kopp

I think that the elixir of life is to love yourself. Love yourself and know what it is that you want to do with your life, not what others want you to do. If you do what you love you’ll be happy. Don’t give up on your dreams because they’re too hard or you don’t think you can do it because you can! This quote to me is saying that you need to learn from the ones who were here before you, who have already experienced this life. Learn from them what they key to life is and what they say because they’re opinions on it will be the truest opinions you can get because it’s coming from someone who has already lived through life or at least most of it. If you know what it is that you have to do in life to be happy then do it. Instead of always looking forward to the future and trying move our lives in that direction just take a step back and live in the moment. We don’t want to push ourselves in the future so that we can learn new things as we go. Learn these new things before you get to the future so that you are already prepared, and talking and learning about people who have already experienced this will give you more knowledge in life and help you live a longer life knowing what you’re going to encounter and how to deal with it. Love yourself, be happy, talk to the ones that have experienced this life, and learn from them so you don’t have to rush into the future.



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