Why Rush To a Red Light?

Why Rush To a Red Light?

Have you ever had a moment where you ask yourself,”What in the heck am I doing?” Yeah, me too. Why rush to a red light. Let’s use a relationship for an example. If this boy likes you but you aren’t really sure if you want a relationship or even like him then take your time. He’s a red light and you have to slow down and stop and think about what you really want to do. When you rush to a red light what happens? You end up waiting there forever for it to turn green. But if you take your time to get to the red light, then soon enough it will turn green before you know it. Take your time getting to those certain red lights in your life. Whether it be a relationship or with something else that’s happening in your life. Think about if you have any “red lights” in your life and ask yourself if you’re rushing into it. Take your time to think about whatever it is you’re doing. This can be with addiction to. When you’re trying to get sober off of alcohol or other kinds of drugs, take your time and think about what you’re really doing before you consider taking another sip or taking another hit. These things are red lights in our lives. So if you see something in your life that is a red light, take your time before you get there and think about it. Maybe the red light will end up turning green if it’s a good thing, and if it isn’t a good thing than that light stays red and you just need to back it up and turn around, turn away from temptation and bad things that aren’t good for us. I think you guys get the point, and hopefully you can see the red lights in your life and take your time to think about what you’re really doing.

I hope you guys liked this entry. I thought about this today when I was driving and was coming up to a red light. I thought to myself, why rush it? Then I thought that this can relate to a lot of other things in life. So here I am telling you guys what came to my mind today. Hope you enjoyed and don’t be afraid to follow! Thanks for reading!


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