Dream #4 Murder in the Cornfield

Dream #4 Murder in the Cornfield

Murder in the Cornfield

*Swimming in a pond in the middle of a cornfield*

I look at my friend as she says, “this pond isn’t very safe to swim in, it probably has a lot of chemicals in it. I look down at the water and it’s an orangish red color. I wonder why the heck I’m even swimming in it then. I can feel a cough coming on so I let it out with a hack.

*Later on right outside the pond*

Over across the pond there is this house where the back deck is facing the pond. We see maybe about 3 guys come out and they were carrying baby dolls with them. As I watched them they started to take the legs off of the dolls. In my head I thought that they were doing that so they could put the legs into the pond so when the police look for our bodues that’s what they’ll find instead. I don’t know why I thought they were going to kill us at that time, I guess I just got the vibe that something wasn’t right.

*At the pond with the boys from the house*

We are all in the gross water and one of them is telling us how there’s a lot of chemicals in this pond. Right after he says that he grabs my friend by the hair and starts trying to drowned her. As the other one starts coming after me I run out of the water and up a mound of dirt. Over this mound of dirt is no longer a corn field but just grass. I start running through the grass as fast as I can trying to get away from the man chasing after me. As I come to a road and look acrossed it I see a baseball field and I see people practicing on it. As I cross the road I scream, “HELP!” They all look and see me coming. As I’m about to enter through the fenced in field I grab a square piece of fencing that was laying on the ground and I hold it behind my back. As I run with this behind my back the guy starts to shoot a gun at me! All of the kids that were practicing are running and the girl that was coaching them is standing there waving her arm at me and waiting until I get to her. Once I reach her I hold the piece of fence behind her back and we start to run as more gunshots go off. I’m not sure if she got shot or not, everything was happening so fast. I keep running with the coach no longer by my side, and having no clue where she went either. I haven’t even looked back in awhile to see if I’m still being chased but I catch up with the people that were practicing and we all just keep running. I reach a road on the other side of the field and start running up it. I think in my head, “why am I not running faster,” “this is just a dream, I can run as fast as I want.” Right at that moment I start running super fast. It was like I was running super fast but in slow motion. I start to run by the school looking for an open door to run into. I just keep running on and on.

*Dream Ends*

Thank you guys for reading. I hope you enjoyed! Sorry I haven’t posted anything almost all week. I’ve been on Spring Break and I just haven’t found any time. Spring Break is over now so I will be posting almost daily again. Don’t be afraid to follow! Thanks!


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