Dream #3 Spiders

Dream #3 Spiders

Okay so this dream doesn’t make any sense either. I think that you will see this happening a lot where my dreams don’t make sense because they rarely don’t. I hope that you guys get some enjoyment out of these because otherwise I don’t know why I even post them haha. So let me know down in the comments if you want me to continue writing about my dreams or not. Thanks!



*In a bedroom looking in a full body mirror*

I look down at my feet and I’m wearing these moccasin type shoes with pink fur in them and little ears on the front of the shoe with a cute face on it. It almost looks like my shoe is a teddy bear or some type of creature. I was so happy that my friend Sadie had gotten me these shoes. I looked at them through the mirror and admired them for a little while.

*In my grandma’s house in the kitchen*

As I stand beside the kitchen table my grandma acts mad at me. I ask her what’s wrong and she says, “you forgot about my pizza.” Right when she said that I whispered under my voice, “oh crap.” I forgot that she called me and asked me to grab her some pizza on my way home. I could just see it on her face that she was mad at me and it was almost kind of like she was disappointed in me. I felt really bad about it.

*Later on, still at my grandma’s, in the living room*

I ask my friend Sadie what she wants to be when she grows up and she says she has no idea. I have this laptop on my lap that’s really old and dusty with spider webs on it. The keyboard has a hard plastic all around the edge that makes it look like it’s in a container or something. In order to type I had to reach down in this “container” to get to the keys. I started looking up things that Sadie could be when she was older. I asked her some questions about things she like and doesn’t like. As I reached in to type on the keyboard I touched a spider web and freaked out. I look at my hand where the spider webs touched and see a white ball of web on my pointer finger. I panic and don’t know what to do. My grandma is ignoring me and won’t even help me because she is still mad about the whole pizza thing I assume. I see a paper towel on the chair so I go over there to grab it. I grab the paper towel and smash the clump of web on to it. As I lift my finger away from the paper towel I see little baby spiders pour out from the paper towel. I look at my finger and there’s a big spider on it along with a bunch of baby ones. I then look over at my grandma and she is still doing nothing about the situation and she just sits in her chair calmly ignoring me.

*Dream ends*


I hope that you guys enjoyed this crazy dream of mine. It’s the start of spring break tomorrow so I’m sorry if I’m not posting as much on my blog. I will try my best though. Thanks for reading and don’t be afraid to follow!


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