Dream #2 Kidnapped

Dream #2 Kidnapped



I dream almost every night and sometimes it really sucks because I feel like I never get any sleep. So now I am going to use my dreams to the advantage and write about them for your entertainment. This next dream I’m about to share with you is kind of confusing and skips around a bit. I don’t know why I dream what I do, if you know what any of my dreams mean that I post then please comment down below and let me know. Thanks!

*In a building with a restaurant in it and a bunch of other things.*

I walk into the building and see my friend Sadie standing there. “You’re back from California already?” “Yeah, wanna go to Boone’s house?” She says. (Boone is her boyfriend.) Then I ask, “do you wanna just grab some food and hangout?” and she replies with a yes.

*Dream skips around and now we are outside of the building in a suburban with these guys who kidnapped us.*

As I sit in the back seat scared for my life I see this group of men walk out of the building with guns and they start to shoot at us. I duck down in my seat hoping not to get shot.

*Dream switches up and now we are inside of the building at this restaurant with our kidnappers.*

There are three of us that got kidnapped. Sadie, this other girl who I don’t know her name, and me. This other girl is trying to tell our kidnapper that she has a job and her boss with notice if she doesn’t show up to work within a couple of days. Next thing you know her boss walks into the restaurant! The girl says hi to her and kind of tries to hint at her that something isn’t right. I see this other lady start walking towards me as she is on her way to the bathroom and right when she starts to walk pass me I stand up and whisper, “help” in her ear. I then say that I need to use the restroom and for some reason my kidnapper lets me and I scurry off. I open the bathroom door and the lady is in there. I tell her everything that has happened and that I need help. All of sudden all her lady friends fly into the bathroom and they’re all asking how to help. At this point my kidnapper gets the hint that something’s going on and one of the ladies says that he’s coming to get me. I freak out and I dart out of the bathroom and just start running for my life. As I’m running through this building there ends up being a bunch of accordion walls that I have to open in the middle and run through them quickly. I run through endless amounts of these it seems like. I come to this corner of a building and there isn’t a wall there but it’s almost like a tarp just hanging in the corner, a perfect way to escape out of the building. Sadie ends up right behind me as we slide under the tarp quickly. Right outside of this tarp was the parking lot. We see a red car sitting there and run towards it as fast as we can. We realize that it’s our friends Ben and Leah and quickly grab for the door handles to try to get in the car. The door handles were locked at first but soon opened and we sighed with relief as we got in the car. I yelled at them, “hurry up and drive away! GO, GO, GO.” As we drive away I look and see all these police cars outside of the building. Someone must’ve called 911, thank God. “We should probably stop and talk to the cops,” I say. No one listens to me and then these three Mexican guys walk up to our vehicle and Ben says, “oh hey those are my friends.” He rolls down his window and tells them what happened to Sadie and I about how we just got kidnapped and escaped. They held up some sort of “gang” sign with their hands and I feel their respect they have for me and the situation that I just had to go through.

*Dream ends*


That was the dream I had last night. Let me know what you think and don’t be afraid to give me a follow! Thanks so much for reading!


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