“Rumination tends to be eased if we learn to be mindful; if we are able to be aware of, and understand how our own thoughts work.” – Peter Kinderman

Sometimes when we’re ruminating we just need to breath. We need to breath and not think so much into things sometimes. I feel that we find ourselves over thinking things all the time. Stop overthinking and just relax for a minute. This happens at night a lot right before we are going to bed, we just start thinking deeply about the future, about what’s going to happen tomorrow. Sometimes we just need to deal with things when they come and stop thinking so much about them beforehand. If you catch yourself thinking deeply about something it is either because it’s important to you or you’re overthinking it. At night when your mind won’t stop rambling just breathe and focus on your breathing and nothing else. You need to be aware of how your thoughts work and learn to be mindful. Don’t waste your time thinking about something that doesn’t even really matter. When you realize what you’re thinking about sometimes isn’t even that big of a deal and it’s just something silly, throw it out the door and don’t look back. Now I understand if you’re thinking deeply about something that is important to you because that’s understandable but a lot of the times we just worry too much about so many things that aren’t worth it. Next time you catch yourself overthinking things, think about what you’re thinking about, and if it’s something that isn’t even worth stressing about, get rid of it.

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