Today for the daily prompt I am going to be sharing with you a poem I came across about being nervous. I think that a lot of us can relate to this one. I get nervous all the time about all sorts of things. When I have to present something in front of my peers, when I have to talk to strangers, right before a big tennis match, and just little things that get to me. Just take a deep breath and tell yourself, “I can do this,” and go out there and do whatever it is you do. If you mess up then oh well, you can learn from your mistakes and life will go on. This poem is by Andy Schulz and he wrote this about how he felt right before he went on stage to perform his drum solo.

Butterflies With Knives

The butterflies flying rapid in my stomach,
so soft and delicate, so sweet and gentle,
they float there.
Moving forward makes them fly faster,
they get more reckless like they got scared.
I move more, they fly faster.
I hold my stomach, they flutter, I fall to the ground.
they stab me, brutal, flying around.
screaming inside me now they won’t let me be but they keep pestering me,
It gets worse somebody stop this,
I give in I give up screw this, cure this sickness inside my stomach
it’s being torn and cut,
cut and torn,
my stomach is empty and worn,
full of butterflies with knives,
I departure inside my skin,
they whisper in my tummy
“Where have you been?”
      – Andy Schulz
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