Dream #1 Cupid

Dream #1 Cupid


*In my bedroom*    I walk around looking in my closet for clothes while wearing a pack of hearted arrows on my back. I wonder what will happen if I shoot one behind me? I grab for an arrow and as I shoot it behind me I fly up into the air! “That was the coolest thing ever!” I think about grabbing my phone to record this awesome moment so I can show my friends but I can’t find it. I’m flying around my room when all of a sudden I see a flashlight outside of my window and I fall to the ground. I lay on the ground out of breath scared for my life, wondering who is outside my window shining a flashlight in. I slowly get up and I look out my window into the bright light and realize that it’s just my grandma!                        *Woke up*


This was a dream I had the other night. I have no idea what it means or why I had this dream but I wanted to share it with you. I am going to be starting a dream journal kind of thing where I will be sharing some of my dreams with you every once in awhile. If you like this idea leave a comment down below letting me know! Thanks for reading!


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