Reiman Gardens

Reiman Gardens

If you have read some of my blogs before you probably know that I’m from Iowa. In one of the bigger cities, Ames, home of the Iowa State Cyclones, you can find the world’s largest concrete gnome. Sounds pretty awesome right? Yeah, that’s exactly why I went to go visit it on Friday. The Reiman Gardens have a lot of things to see. (Pictures of what I saw will be down below. They have the butterfly garden with 800 different species of butterflies in it, they have a tropical plant terrarium with beautiful plants and chairs so you can just sit in there and enjoy the beauty of some of the Iowa State students like to go in there to study. In the spring and summer they have beautiful gardens outside that it such a sight to see but unfortunately I didn’t get to see the flowers yet because it’s still winter here. I am definitely going to go back in the summer to see it though. They have “Lake Helen” which is actually more like a pond if I do say so myself, but it’s still cool. They have lots of different things to see there so if you’re ever in the area of Ames, Iowa be sure to check it out. I promise it’s totally worth your time.


World’s largest concrete gnome!




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