Wildcat Cave trail

Wildcat Cave trail

Awhile back my friend and I went hiking at Wildcat Cave trail. I gotta say though I thought this cave thing was going to be something that we could actually walk in. I was wrong. It’s just a little cave that you can crawl back into and even though it is really neat with all of its different carvings in it, I was still disappointed. The hike to get there was beautiful, besides the people we saw skinny dipping haha. That part was kind of strange. Anyways there are a lot of cool things you can see here. There is a river that you can walk by on a part of the hike and you can also see this bus that is abandoned and left on the side of the canyon. (I will show it in the pictures below.) Overall I recommend going there if you are ever in the area of Eldora, Iowa. It isn’t that bad of a hike for the most part but it is a beautiful one.


If anyone can tell me what these symbols mean then comment down below, I would greatly appreciate it.


Here is a little cliff that you can stand on and see the view of the river.


Abandoned bus
Finally we reached the cave.


Inside of the cave.

Thank you all for reading this and I hope you enjoyed! Don’t be afraid to follow.


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