Cannabis and Christians

Cannabis and Christians

Do you think that smoking marijuana is a sin? I’m not sure what I think about it but I can tell you what this guy from Colorado Springs says about it. Jesse Stanley and his brothers have been a big part of Colorado’s marijuana industry. They have been operating medical marijuana dispensaries and a large growing and processing operation up in the mountains west of the Springs.

Jesse says that people say that he is doing satan’s work and that him and his brothers are drug dealers. Jesse simply says, “satan didn’t create this plant. Satan doesn’t create anything. This is God’s plant.”

It’s amazing though what he has done with this growing industry. He has turned the medical marijuana into an oil that he calls -Charlotte’s Web- that has relieved hundreds of families with epileptic children. Now that’s pretty amazing isn’t it? A 5 year old girl, that he hesitated to help at first because of her age, that had epilepsy, went from having hundreds of seizures a week to only having one seizure a week! That’s amazing!

I think that it’s really special what Jesse is doing. He is going beyond what people are telling him is right and wrong and going with what he feels God is telling him to do. He knows that God made that plant to help people and so that’s exactly what he used it for. I support Jesse and what he is doing for others through the use of cannabis.

I wanna know what you guy think. COMMENT down below if you agree with what Jesse is doing and your opinions on the situation.

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