For Broken Hearts

For Broken Hearts

I get it, you lost someone close to you and it sucks, a lot. Whether it was a friend, significant other, or a relative, it’s hard to deal with the pain. That’s why I’m here to give you a few tips on how to grieve properly.

1.) The first thing you shouldn’t do is turn to alcohol or other drugs. This is how people get addicted. Even if you want to really bad and think that it’s the only thing that can help, it’s not. Talk to a family member or a close friend and tell them how you feel so they can help you through the tough times. Read a good book, go on a nature walk, find a new hobby. All of these things will help take your mind off of your loss.

2.) If this is the girls or guys with broken hearts from an ex, I’m here to help. First of all I think you know how much it sucks going on your phone and seeing what they’re up to on social media. That awful feeling in your stomach when you see them being happy without you is horrible. What’re you gonna do about it? You’re going to block them on all social media so  you can’t see their posts or think about them. Don’t text them either saying how much you want them back, let’s be honest if they really loved you so much and wanted you back they would text you first.

3.) Spend some time with yourself. Get to know what you like to do. Scrapbooking, reading a book, playing an instrument, cooking, yoga. All of these things can help you with that. Another thing you need to do is take some time to just spend with yourself. By this I mean get a new hair-do, go shopping and buy yourself some new clothes or even better, shoes. Go on a walk around the neighborhood or go on a hike. Just take care of yourself and realize your worth as an individual.

4.) Make some friends, or hangout with the friends you have. Friends are always a good way to turn. I know my best friend would always cheer me up when I need it. Have a girls night, go to the club, go get your nails done. Anything. For the boys here, just hang out with the bros, play video games, eat pizza, or go to the bar.

5.) Don’t think that you’re going to miss them forever and love them forever. It will get better, the days will get better. You think of them everyday, don’t you? It sucks right now but it goes away. Soon you won’t even think about them or care about them.

6.) Don’t be afraid to move on. It might be scary for you to get back out there and date. The idea of a relationship reminds you of the last one you had which didn’t work out that well. It’s scary to fall in  love again after someone has broke your heart. How are you supposed to trust someone again? You need to get back out there and find the right man. Don’t just pick a man out if he’s nice to you. You have to feel that real connection between you. Your heart will be put back together someday by someone special. Most importantly though is to love yourself before you try to love someone again. Loving yourself is the key to a happy life.

I hope these help you guys out. I’m sorry for what you’re going through but I promise it will get better!

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