What if…

What if…

What if earth was twice as big as it is now? Would there be more people? Different species? Would there be more land or more water? If the earth were twice as big its mass would increase 8 times. The force of gravity would be twice as strong. Could you even imagine that?

What if everyone on earth all jumped at one time?  I found that if this were to happen we would be able to move the earth a one-hundredth of the radius of one single atom per second. Then when we landed, earth would simply move back into place. Don’t worry though I don’t think that this will ever happen.

What if we were twice as intelligent? People say that if we were twice as intelligent we would be better looking, wouldn’t that be great haha. They also say that we’d be healthier, less religious, and just overall better as an individual. Everyone would still have their different personalities, we wouldn’t be like robots I hope, and the earth would still have the same conflicts as it does now. Except maybe Trump wouldn’t be our president, we’d be smart enough to think that one through.

What if there was no gravity on earth? Believe it or not, if the world hadn’t been formed with gravity then it would be flat. How weird is that to think about. The earth would have no features to it. Do you like mountains? Me too, but they wouldn’t have existed if there was no gravity. I’m not even sure how that would work. Would we float? Or would there just be no existence of humanity? If gravity suddenly turned off on earth right now we would all drift away from one another or fly apart up into space as we would die from lack of oxygen. That’s awful.

What if we only ate one food? Now this one is freaky. If we only consumed one type of food, like if you only ate carrots and that’s it, the your organs would start to shut down. If you consumed only meat, like yummy bacon, then your body would at some point force itself to start munching on your own muscles! That is insane, so all of you meat lovers out there better be eating your fruits and veggies also, or you could end up consuming your flesh. Blah. Eating only one type of food, besides fruit, could also lead to an extreme case of scurvy, and scurvy can lead to a lot of different things. Now you know not to eat only one type of food because it will lead to death.

Lastly, what if you followed me? If you follow me you will get to read interesting blogs about anything and everything. I promise you will love everything I write. I am new to this whole blog thing and could really use all of your guys support. I will also do my best to follow you guys back. Thanks for reading!


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