Why you should go to Jamaica

Why you should go to Jamaica

In 2015 I took a trip to Jamaica. Jamaica is a great country that is so interesting to visit. If you have the chance to go there then I’d highly recommend it. When I was there we did a lot of things like swim with the dolphins, snorkel, helped tile a school building, climbed a waterfall, and much more. The waterfall we climbed was called Dunn’s river falls which is a famous waterfall. It was said that a legendary battle went on here to claim ownership of the island. The waterfall is 180 feet high and 600 feet long. I couldn’t really tell if it was that difficult getting to the top or not just because I was too stuck in the moment of all of its beauty. I don’t have a picture of me at the waterfall because I didn’t have a waterproof camera but I have some other pictures of me in the towns of Jamaica and of me doing some different activities while I was there. The people and the environment in Jamaica was so interesting to be in. There were stray dogs everywhere and wild goats that would just roam the streets. I’ll tell you one thing, Jamaicans love Americans, the children loved my hair and always wanted to braid it and I don’t know if the other liked us for anything but our genuine American money. Everything from swimming with the dolphins to just hanging out with the people that lived there was such an unforgettable experience.


When we were walking through the town we met a little boy on his way home from school.
FullSizeR (1).jpg
Wild goat roaming the streets




The kids at the schoolhouse loved to play with our hair.



9 thoughts on “Why you should go to Jamaica

  1. Aww! #MaddTing
    You keep on using the word ‘interesting’, I feel like that’s code for something; like you’re not telling us the whole story ; ) but I love that you visited in 2015 but still found the experience so memorable to write about it now #UPUPUP

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